What I want for my Birthday

According to the World Land Trust, citing The Independent, Britons last year spent £3.6 billion on food, healthcare and accessories for their pets. I realise that pets have to eat and that the occasional visit to the vet is in order, but a shocking £294 million alone was spent on pet gifts.

I am saddened and distraught by this mindless waste; to put it in perspective, £294 million could save 20 million acres of Rain forest. That's more than a third of what is cut down for timber, agriculture and development each year; 1.5 acres a second, according to this site; just shy of 50 million acres.

If you were thinking of buying me a present for my birthday (hint hint, it's the 24th of April) then I suggest you save an acre of Rain forest. It's only £25, so buy someone else one too. And maybe one for yourself.

Posted 3 April 2006 Copyright © Stig Brautaset