About Stig Brautaset

I grew up in Hovdebygda, a village in ├śrsta Municipality on the west coast of Norway. At 16 I started studying electronics for 4 years, then endured compulsory military service as a sonar operator on a submarine. Then I went off to London where I studied AI at the University of Westminster, and graduated in 2003.

I stayed in London (interrupted by one year in Hong Kong) for 12 years after graduating, doing software development in fintech, online photos, investment banking, and fashion. Employers have paid me to write HTML, PHP, Perl, C, JavaScript, Java, Objective-C, Scala, Python, Bash and English.

I started writing the moderately popular SBJson JSON parser/generator for Objective-C in 2007, and have maintained it ever since. It's now in its 5th major version and have over 3800 stars on GitHub.

In 2015 my little family had had enough of the Big Smoke and we upped sticks & moved to rural Berwick-upon-Tweed.

If you want more details, I suggest reading the transcript of my Berwick Academy STEM Talk where I talked for 45 minutes about my education and career.

About this website

I currently build this website in Emacs with Org mode, and use Org's "publish" feature to generate static HTML files that I deploy on Amazon S3 behind a CloudFront distribution and a free SSL certificate.

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