Resolutions Progress

Thought I'd post a quick note on progress with on my New Years Resolutions.

I most likely didn't manage to get down to 75kg by end of April. However, I did get to 75.9kg at the end of May, which makes my BMI just about 24, and as far as I know I am still losing weight. Crucially, this is without a massive work-out regimen, just by sustainable change in diet. (As far as I know.) And it is an enjoyable one too :-)

I have signed up as a STEM Ambassador, but due to work commitments I have not yet managed to start a Code Club. I am waiting for official OK from work (because I have to do it during work hours) before I start.

I have not managed to write as much as I had hoped. 5 published posts on this blog, and a draft in the works, plus a couple posts on our company tech blog. Well, what do you know. That was actually a bit more than I thought :-)

On the "meeting up with friends" front I started off well, but have the last month or two have been not quite so successful.

Conclusion: Need to do better.

Posted 25 June 2014 Copyright © Stig Brautaset