No Smoking

Nadia and I went to the Northgate, on the corner Northchurch road and Southgate road, to celebrate the smoking ban finally kicking in across England. It is not a moment too soon, and we've been looking forward to it for ages.

Nadia had roast whole plaice with baby vegetables and champagne sauce, while I went for halibut with lentils and green beans. Nadia found the plaice a bit bland and under-cooked, while I really enjoyed the halibut. It was dry in places and juicy in others, but very tasty all the way through.

For dessert Nadia had chocolate grand marnier truffles with vanilla cream, while I had vanilla panacotta with a berry compote. We ended up eating about half of each other's, and we found that the dishes were a fantastic mix.

One downside was that they've stopped doing Peetermans, but this was compensated a bit by me finding out that they had both Früli and Kriek—albeit bottled.

Posted 1 July 2007 Copyright © Stig Brautaset