Moving-in Party

Stein came over from Norway Sunday morning. We spent a few hours catching up and reminiscing about the past before going to Yo! Sushi at the N1 centre (beware, eeevil site with music) for dinner with Nadia. Nadia went home afterwards while we went to the pub. The rest of the evening is a bit blurry, but I woke up the next day partly dressed and with a severe hangover. A plastic fork in my pocket revealed that I'd had kebab the previous night.

After drinking lots of water and eating dry bread we decided that we needed some fresh air, so Stein and I walked to the office and picked up Nadia's iBook (she had it delivered there since we were in the middle of a move). Nadia stayed home looking after the washing machine; I had put new washers in and we were running it for the first time in almost three years.

On the way back we got a bit lost trying to take the bus and save ourselves some walking. Not knowing quite where we were we had English breakfast for lunch, served by a very enthusiastic young man. We were then pointed in the direction of Essex Road and started making our way back home. On the way there we accidentally found the pub I'd invited people to that evening. This was rather lucky, since I still have no internet connection at home and I'd forgotten to print out directions there from my flat.

Monday evening Stein, Nadia and I went to the Canonbury Tavern. Not long after more friends than I thought I had started turning up–more than 20 people in the end. Dean said I owed him a lot of money as he had paid many of them to turn up (at least I hope he was joking). Thanks to all who came; you made it as soon to "my perfect night out" as you can reasonably assume ever experiencing.

Posted 26 April 2006 Copyright © Stig Brautaset