In-sewer Ants

I remember laughing very hard at a comic-book joke as a kid. A red indian with horrific injuries goes to visit his witch-doctor:

— What brought this on?
— I was out hunting when an eagle attacked me, but luckily it dropped me in front of a flock of runaway buffalo!
— Luckily?
— Yes, it's the only thing my medical insurance covers!

I used to find it hilarious back then, but having now started looking into insurance I realise that the joke's on me, and I don't find it so funny anymore. Here's an excerpt from the exclusion clause in Abbey's accident cover:

We will not pay benefits for an accident that is directly or indirectly the result of:

If the poor red indian in the joke above had had this insurance, I'm pretty sure the cretins would have managed to weasel their way out of paying for his claim.

Posted 12 August 2006 Copyright © Stig Brautaset