How I record Guitar

In my musical journey I try to record myself occasionally to track my progress, and be able to critically listen to myself so I can fix my mistakes. This is brief note on how I normally do that.

I plug the guitar into a Yamaha THR-10 amp, which has an USB output. By installing the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver, I can connect the THR10 to my computer and use it as an input interface for Garageband.

The THR-10 exposes 4 input channels:

I record clean. Using both channels 3 & 4 gives a sort of "synthetic" stereo. I think. It sounds pretty good, anyway! Recording clean means I can change the amp later; adding or removing distortion, delay, reverb or chorus; say. (Also I haven't been able to disable the guitar amp effects in Garageband, so recording the clean input from the amp is the only way to avoid stacking the amp's and GarageBand's effects for a truly shit sound.)

Posted 11 December 2020 Copyright © Stig Brautaset