Nadia and I are turning into hippies. I bake bread for our breakfast and Nadia cook most other meals from first principles. We save plastic by reusing bags when we go to the shop, and generally refuse a bag when we only buy one or two items. We don't have a TV.

It started getting out of hand, however, when we moved to Islington a couple of months ago. I now walk to work, we got rid of the car and hung Nadia's bike in the communal bike shed. There's the wonderful Islington Farmer's market every Sunday where we can pick up seasonal fish, meat and veg; and we can get organic meat and veg delivered straight to the door (somewhat ironically, we lived too far away from the city centre earlier).

Before we knew it the detergents became eco friendly, the soap turned organic (it has oats in it, fer/crying/outloud) and we're eating new grains like quinoa and millet. The fruit and veg we eat varies with the season; Nadia wants a small herd of goats; and flocks of ducks, chickens, pigeons & quails; not to mention a fjord horse or two.

Posted 13 August 2006 Copyright © Stig Brautaset