We finally have a network connection at the new place. Though we don't have ADSL yet (there's a problem transferring it here because plus's website thinks my flat is a business address) plus kindly gives us a backup phone connection. We tried to get it working yesterday but got no dial tone and figured the phone was not working yet (it was only connected on Thursday, and there was talks about a fault on the line somewhere). It still didn't work today but after unpacking a phone and successfully making a call to my mobile we smelled a rat, and, indeed, we had a dead socket. Plugging the modem into the master socket we could call out just fine.

Only problem is the cable is very short and the master socket is in the hallway. Luckily there's a small closet just across for it with room for a seat. It'll be great to have ADSL again though. Here's Nadia enjoying our current connection arrangement.

Posted 30 April 2006 Copyright © Stig Brautaset