Chip And Pin

I'm getting sick of the British banks' self-gratification. They're saying that Britain is one of the first countries to make use of this "new" chip-and-pin system, where you identify yourself by a pin-code instead of by signature when you're buying goods at shops.

What they fail to mention is that they are more than 10 years (at least) behind other countries. Flashback to Norway 10 years ago, long before I even thought about moving to Britain. I had a bank account with a VISA debit card, and I never had to sign when purchasing stuff. I always tapped in my pin-code.

I don't know how much longer they've had that arrangement over there because I was too young to have a debit card much before that. It was pretty common to use plastic payment options though, so I imagine it'd been in place for a while.

OK, I should shut up now. I've ranted enough for one day.

Posted 28 August 2004 Copyright © Stig Brautaset