Blade 2

Went to Harrow to watch Blade2 with GF. It was OK, but I was a bit disappointed with the inconsistency with the first Blade movie.

Blade himself was just too hard, too cool, too strong and too fast to be even remotely likeable, but I was especially disappointed that the vampires in Blade 2 could not stand sunshine even through armoured gloves, considering Deacon Frost and his gang could stand the sun's rays by just putting sunblock on naked skin in the first Blade movie. That's just PATHETIC. And, I almost forgot, I had hoped for the red-haired vamp-girl (Verlaine, played by Marit Velle Kile) to kick some serious butt. That's probably just a selfish wish tho, based on 'Oh, I went to school with her!' ;D

Some of the fighting scenes, as were the 'swing between poles in the roof'-scene in the opening, were very artificial and blatantly animated. And one more thing seemed strange; a stake through the heart could kill the vampires (and the Reapers), meaning that they'd die without a working blood flow, yet half of Priest's (or so I think it was, anyway) head continued to live after it was chopped off–where's the blood pumping in that body part?

Posted 5 April 2002 Copyright © Stig Brautaset