Attacks on London

A big thank you to everyone who sent email, SMS or picked up the phone to ask if I am OK; it has been a humbling experience.

The attacks happened far from where I live, but several of them happened within 10 minutes walk from where I work. I was, as so many others, on my way in to work when the attacks took place. I had jumped on a Circle line train at Baker Street and was heading for Barbican. My train was held for about half an hour just outside Farringdon, where it was pulled out of service when it finally arrived. We were not told what was going on, I guess they did not know at that point, and I was cursing London Underground all the way on my extended walk into the office.

I now count myself lucky. I came away unharmed, and so, I think, did all of my friends. My condolences to the family and friends of those who did not. Let us make a toast to the terrorists who did this: May the worst day of your past be the best of your future..

Posted 9 July 2005 Copyright © Stig Brautaset